Over decades, many groups have made use of the Camp at Old Mill facilities. The incomplete list include


How to make a reservation

The procedure is simple:

  • Download the Camp at Old Mill Reservation Pack (pdf version),
  • Complete the forms
  • Mail the completed forms and ALL required documents, including the non-returnable deposit to The Camp Director, PO Box 1136, Coatesville, PA 19320
  • The Camp Director will notify you whether your application was successful
  • Contact the Camp Director one month before the event to confirm the booking and to discuss any special arrangements.
  • Additionally, it is strongly suggested that you watch a free 10-part video series online (combined duration of 47 minutes) to learn from camp directors and staff who have used Camp at Old Mill for many years. They share useful tips from their experience that may make your time at Camp at Old Mill an even better experience.


The Staff who serves at Camp at Old Mill are all employed by County Corrections Gospel Mission on a full-time or part-time basis.