Common Questions

Question: What is the link between Camp at Old Mill and County Corrections Gospel Mission?

Answer: County Corrections Gospel Mission is the actual mission-agency that owns and operates the ministries hosted at the “Camp at Old Mill”. In fact, the “camp” is the very base-site of the offices and entire vision of County Corrections Gospel Mission.

In 1933, a gathering of faithful men and women of God established the “Old Mill Bible Conference” to address the international tide of turning away from the sacred scriptures. Bible Conferences birthed all across the nation and the world to hold forth the Word of God in the midst of a “crooked and perverse generation”. Some of the greatest preachers and Bible-teachers proclaimed God’s Word from these very grounds and these beautiful acres were set apart for the perpetuity of holding forth the Word of Life!

In 1973, these sacred grounds were becoming fallow both in physical care and in the loss of the vision of the original founding fathers. The Charter which declares the strong, Biblical mandates of these early leaders is still preserved in the kitchen area of the present facilities. It was in the same year, 1973, that vital ministry of the Gospel began in the Chester County Prison which through the years has birthed such great ministries as:

City Gate Mission (1980), Children’s Bible Clubs and Women’s Bible Clubs (1985) in the housing projects of the City of Coatesville, strategic ministry to law enforcement leaders through the “Christian Police Association” and the Pointmen Leadership Institute (early 90’s).

All these led to the wonderful miracle of obtaining the fallow grounds in 1992 for the central locating of County Corrections Gospel Mission and the furthering of such ministries from this hallowed and blessed property, Camp at Old Mill.

Today, County Corrections Gospel Mission is engaged in a mission to “at risk children” who are a clear reflection of many “urgencies” which cry from the same prison here in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

You are invited to engage your heart and life and precious time in the embracing of boys and girls who are statistically facing tragedy and heartache directly related to failing churches and families within our own communities. Laboring with these children is directly impacting some of the most heart-wrenching concerns of parents who are presently incarcerated in our prisons. You will greatly encourage those carrying the burden for the incarcerated, their children and the neighborhoods which seemingly reflect moral and spiritual urgencies.

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Question: Which type of skill sets do you need at the camp?

Answer: Groups or individuals from churches/organization can become active in the Old Mill ministry. Some specific skills include

  • counselors
  • teachers
  • administrators
  • office workers
  • cooks
  • nurses
  • maintenance
  • carpenters
  • electricians and
  • custodians

We do, however, have an equally important need for willing and able servants who are prepared to do “whatever”! This include trimming the edges of the lawns, raking leaves, cleaning the creek, cleaning vehicles, preparing rooms and dorms for visitors.  Your gifts, time and talents can certainly be utilized here at the Old Mill!

Contact and more information: info@campatoldmill.org

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Question: What are your immediate needs?

Answer: The Camp at Old Mill is used throughout the year for different types of activities but during the summer months we present camps for inner-city children. They are usually not in a position to pay the full camp fees. This creates opportunities for you to be a partner with us in this ministry. Help us prepare for this event, even now…

During the summer months we need

  • Sponsors for June’s Campers (Children of Coatesville/ ages 6-12).  These inner-city children are requested to contribute $15.00 per child which secures a joyous experience for 4 nights/5 days… County Corrections Gospel Mission’s real costs exceed $125.00 per child
  • Special gifts that will supply funding for groceries, watershoes, art supplies, T-shirts, snacks

and provision for 3 meals and an evening fruit item, daily

  • Prayers and intercessions for our volunteer-experienced-committed counselors who pay

$200.00 towards their own support

  • Servant-Hearted Volunteers and Churches who would come alongside our many needful tasks:

mowing, weed-whacking, kitchen-help and servant-hearts that would be available to meet ongoing, daily   needs during these most demanding weeks which spend all the energy and time of our entire staff

Contact and more information: info@campatoldmill.org

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Question: How can I make donations to Camp at Old Mill?

Answer: The procedure to make financial and other contributions to Camp at Old Mill is explained in detail on this website. Click here to make secure on-line donations or to read about other innovative opportunities to become a partner in this ministry.

Contact and more information: info@campatoldmill.org

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